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Special Projects

No Challenge is Too Great at GDM...

Car CanSometimes the projects that seem the most impossible are the ones that also yield the greatest rewards. When Rockford, IL based manufacturer J.L. Clark took on the challenge of making a unique miniature NASCAR race car tin, Gerhard Designing & Manufacturing, Inc. assisted in making the mold. Most manufacturers deemed this project "impossible" but J.L. Clark believed otherwise, as did GDM.

The tin required nine different molds, a custom computer program and special machinery to make. In order to make the mold, GDM converted a NASCAR form into a computerized design, which required custom software. Special manufacturing tooling helped capture the cars distinct NASCAR form, right down to the bumpers, tires and rear spoiler.

The tin's 3D appearance and true-to-life details make it truly unique and proved that nothing is impossible with the right team. The tin took the checkered flag (1st place) in Package Printing and Converting's Excellence Awards Metal Decorating category.